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Materials We Use

These are the materials we use for our high quality products and custom canvases, we take pride in our work and want the best quality experience for you.

Disclosure, other fabrics are available upon request for custom canvas, for any questions please contact your POC



Stamoid-Tm: Marine Vinyl Cover Fabrics is a vinyl-coated, high density woven polyester; this combination of synthetic fabric makes this material completely waterproof, mildew resistant, and resilient to extreme temperatures in both salt and fresh watered environments. It has a light weight of 12.64 oz per square yard, which is perfect to keep much unneeded weight off your boat. 



Strataglass is the leading manufacturer of pressed-polished, clear vinyl enclosure products. Their unique way of manufacturing and innovative coating, creates the highest quality of clear enclosures  for commercial, residential, and marine applications.



Sunbrella is a high quality fabrics manufacturer with a complete variety of different colors. This outstanding brand stands firm with their high quality assurance, so behind every fabric has a 5 year limited warranty for upholestry fabrics, and a 10 year limited warranty for shade and marine fabrics.

Solar fix


Solar Fix is a special sewing thread has a unique UV and weather protection, resistants to; mold, mildew, acid rain, cleaning solutions, including salt or fresh water conditions, and any industrial pollutants. It upholds its 15 year warranty guaranteeing its high quality material. This thread is specifically designed  for high speed sewing and available in a few different colors. 

Stainless Steel


All hardware that is used for any repairs or new custom canvases is stainless steel. (Unless prompted otherwise or if the item is not available in stainless steel material.) Stainless steel is hard to rust and lasts much longer than any other precious metal used for canvas work. 

Serge Ferrari


Waterproof Stamskin fabrics are an ideal solution for your indoor, outdoor upholstery and wall covering projects, thanks to their resistance to water, UV and extreme weather conditions. The flexibility of Stamskin fabric makes upholstery work easier, adapting perfectly to fit curved and complex shapes. These fabrics also offer a high level of resistance to tearing, and can be easily assembled by sewing, stapling or gluing.

Soltis 86 and 92


Soltis is a mesh weave vinyl ideal for sun shades for boats and RV windshields. The great dimensional stability of this fabric means it keeps its shape so you won’t have to use as many snaps when creating your boat or RV sun shade — this also means you’ll drill fewer holes in your boat or RV’s surface for snap fastener installation. The extra-wide width of this fabric means you can better cover large windshields without seams to disrupt your view. (86 and 92 are the sizes available that we use for custom canvas.)


Quality Care Instructions



The form below goes over proper cleaning and care instructions



The form below goes over proper cleaning and care instructions.



Use clean water and dawn dish soap to scrub down the hardware attached to the fabric. 

Rinse thoroughly.

Our Partners

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